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What is the difference between the Dominion double ply belt and the Starting Strength double ply belt?

Both belts are 10mm thick and have essentially the same tensile strength, which is the most critical attribute of any belt.


Our double-ply belts are the stiffest belts right out of the box, but will break in nicely over time. The Starting Strength belt will be slightly stiffer than the Dominion, but only marginally so.


Suede is grippier than raw leather. The Dominion will be less likely to move around, especially when setting up for a deadlift because of it’s inner lining of suede. The Starting Strength belt features leather on both the inside and outside surfaces.


Both double-ply belts use twice as much leather to make as our other offerings, so their price reflects that.

What is the difference between the Single Ply belts and the Double Suede belt?

The single ply will be thinner and more pliable. Double suede belts will break in fine, but the single ply will always be a little more flexible.


Suede is grippier than raw leather. The double suede will be less likely to move around, especially when setting up for a deadlift. The outer suede is purely aesthetic.


The single ply can be up to a pound lighter than a double suede belt. For someone who’s trying to squeeze out every last ounce for a squat PR, this might be a consideration.


On a properly glued and stitched belt, you shouldn’t expect to see suede pealing or stitches coming undone, but it can happen on lower quality belts. This isn’t a concern with a single ply belt because there’s no glue or stitching.


The single ply is less expensive because it is a simpler product from a manufacturing standpoint, which can make it a good budget option.

3" VS 4" Belt?


Generally, we recommend a 3" unless you're over 6' ft tall, very young, and intend to be very competitive.

If you have an extremely long torso, a 4" might suit you for squats and presses, but still might be too wide for your deadlift (which is the limiting factor here).

Many lifters will use a 3" for everything for several years and then decide if they want to step up to a 4" for squats and presses

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