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The perfect conditioning oil for your all leather belt.


This is the same oil we use in-house to condition our belts before they are shipped out.


Periodic oiling will ensure your belt stays free from cracking and also preserves pliability and that "broken-in" feeling. Your belt will only need oil every 6 - 12 months, depending on the humidity. A pint of oil is enough to last several years in most cases.


Oil is best applied using a foam brush the same width as your belt (3 or 4"). Using long, sweeping strokes, apply a single very light and even coat to the leather. Less is better. Your belt will appear much darker at first but will lighten to only slightly darker than before once the oil dries.


It is best to wait 24 hrs before using your belt to allow the oil to dry completely and prevent any transfer to clothing.


Do not use on suede! It will be permanently stained! This oil is intended for use on all-leather belts only.

Leather Belt Conditioning Oil

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